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Richard Gayle

Richard got started in the Real Estate Industry in 1986 right out of college, joining the family business in Gloucester, Virginia. He first served low-level administratively, then as a Property Manager and Realtor. He later obtained his Virginia Broker’s License, which he continues to maintain even though he moved to Orange County over 20 years ago, settling in Tustin. This experience laid the foundation for his approach now, which is…

Take Care of the Customer, Period.

Being from the South, his mother taught him courtesy (please, thank you, hold the door open for ladies, etc.). Richard surrounds himself with Vendors in every aspect of this great business who think like he does - “Be Competent, Be Polite & Be Respectful.” This includes Home Loan Officers, Escrow Officers, Title Insurance Representatives, Appraisers, Home Warranty Representatives, Termite Inspectors, Contractors, Home Inspectors and so on.

All this being said, Richard is a real person. He is surrounded by real people looking to help real people throughout SoCal with their real estate needs. He loves doing real people things just like you…spending time with his children (both are in college), going to local beaches (especially Corona Del Mar and Surf City), exercising (basketball & P90x), being involved with his church (Costa Mesa SDA) and traveling (next on the list: Utah, Charlottesville, & Cuba). He is also a life-long learner, always taking a class or two at local colleges (most recently Physiological Psyc and Criminal Justice at Irvine Valley College) or training to better himself within the Real Estate industry.

His work, his livelihood, his passion is Real Estate.

So, expect to work with Real People when you work with Richard & his Team. From Tustin to Riverside to Long Beach to San Clemente. Richard loves SoCal, and loves what he does!

So, how can Richard help you today?